Kind-hearted, courageous and sharp-witted Faythe is the leader of the team. This popular girl at High School has an amazing secret – she is the heir to the Fearstone, an awesome crystal which allows the holder to transport themselves between Earth and the dark dimension of Doomland.

Like her grandmother before her (the stone is passed down missing a generation), Faythe now has the responsibility of protecting Earth from the dark machinations of Undermind – a powerful and malevolent prisoner in Doomland.

The ability to see good in everyone is Faythe’s greatest strength – and biggest flaw. She’s often late to realise when someone is manipulating her and this somewhat naïve view may even jeopardise the future of the Earth (no pressure!)

Faythe wears the Fearstone as a charm around her wrist. When Faythe holds the Fearstone it starts to glow…

Faythe lives at home with her mum, dad and little sister Dreme and their cat Begby.