Powerfully built and brave, Kourage is the muscle of the team. But unlike a lot of muscular dudes, Kourage isn’t stupid. He’s also the tech wizard of the group – able to circumvent a security system or open a tricky computer lock. But of course, if his brains don’t solve the problem, he can always rip the door off!

Like all the gang, he’s got a flaw or an insecurity, and in Kourage’s case it’s the fact that he finds social interaction difficult. He’s been diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum, so he finds being part of a group hard. He copes by sticking to rules – most of which he has devised. This can drive the rest of the group nuts sometimes.

Kourage lives at home with his Mother, Grandfather & little sister, his mum & dad split when he was 10 but he gets to see him every other weekend. His grandmother lives in a home as she’s very poorly so the Grandfather moved in with the family.