The assembly & workshops which has been developed for KS2 7-11 years to help children talk about their feelings, thoughts & emotions, fight fears, build confidence, control anxiety, recognise mental health from an early age. 

In the assembly I will be introducing the children to the characters, getting them to recognise their moods, thoughts, feelings & behaviours through participation. I’ll also be reading an extract from my adventure novel “Best Frenimies” & introducing them to the “Faythe Feelings Club Journal” & at the end of the assembly a little treat, watching a clip of the cartoon series. 

In the workshops the children will be given a creative writing exercise to escape from a difficult situation in Doomland, their characters will have to work together, change their mindsets, think differently & improve themselves in order to escape. We will also be discussing the meaning of mental health, anxiety & I’ll be introducing them to tools & techniques to control their moods, feelings, thoughts & behaviours. 
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