Ditzy Harmony is a skilled acrobat and gymnast. If someone needs to traverse a high wall or run along a wire, Harmony is your girl. She is very much the action woman of the group.

Harmony is Faythe’s right-hand woman, her rock for advice and assistance. Harmony is very organised, she’s the planner, the thinker, she’s also the calming influence in the team, defusing any arguments & keeping them all in check.

Harmony’s mothers’ family originate from Jamacia & they moved over to England many years ago. Very sadly her mother passed away when she was very young, so she lives only with her Father who is British just the two of them. They both love to take trips back to Jamacia when they can to see all her extended family.

Harmony sometimes has confidence problems and suffers from self-doubt, she puts way too much pressure on herself. In Doomland Harmony is ableto be a different person – confident, athletic. If only Marcy and the other girls from school could see Harmony in action – they wouldn’t believe how different she was!